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Regulations & Compliance

Tim Larkin Plumbing & Excavations is licensed to perform all types of plumbing and drainage work in NSW. Based in Port Macquarie, we service all areas in the Camden Haven.

All work carried out is compliant and strictly according to regulations set forth by AS/NZS 3500.3:2003 (Plumbing and Drainage).

We provide complete residential, industrial and commercial drainage & storm water solutions.
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System approval

Storm water refers to any water that has its origins in weather events such as rain, snow and ice melt. Every storm water and drainage system needs to be compliant with and approved by, local council before being given approval certification.

Council and the property owner both have a set of responsibilities regarding storm water drainage during a severe weather event.

Property owner responsibilities

In general, the property owner is responsible for draining the natural flow of water from public land or other adjoining properties. The owner must not divert the natural course of the water or erect any barrier to prevent it from entering the property.

The property owner needs to ensure that roof water and storm water are efficiently collected and channelled to a proper drainage system or an approved detention pit. The owner is also responsible for the routine maintenance that is needed to keep the drainage system in proper working order.

Failure to comply with council regulations can result in a nuisance to an adjoining property. Such an event can lead to the council issuing the property owner with a demand for payment, for any repairs that are needed to bring the drainage system into compliance.
Storm Water — Drainage & Storm Water in Port Macquarie, NSW
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What are the drainage and stormwater responsibilities of property owners?
As a property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure roof and stormwater is directed to nearby drainage systems. This means complying with council regulations and making sure no physical barriers are diverting the natural course of the water toward drains. Staying up to date with property maintenance and removal of green waste and garden debris will also go a long way to ensuring water drains properly.
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