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The professional team at Tim Larkin Plumbing & Excavations in Port Macquarie are licensed and insured. Our commitment is to achieve excellent results for each of our clients on every project, regardless of size and complexity.

We offer a broad range of plumbing and excavating services including:

Hot Water System Meter

Hot water systems

We specialise in installations, repairs, and maintenance for solar, electric and gas hot water systems. We have extensive experience in all aspects of plumbing for residential, commercial, and industrial hot water systems.
Pipe Leakage

Backflow prevention

Stopping backflow is essential for preventing contaminated waste water from seeping into clean, safe drinking water. We specialise in inspecting, testing, commissioning, and reporting for all types of backflow prevention devices. 24/7 hour services are available for any emergencies.
Water Meter

Water meters

A faulty or damaged water meter can potentially result in costly water leaks, isolation of your water service and your meter not registering usage. The sooner you have the issue resolved, the better. We are on call 24/7 for emergency services to repair or replace your water meter as quickly as possible.

Leaking taps

We provide expert repairs on leaky taps, hot water tanks, sinks, showers, laundries, rainwater tanks, toilets, and pipes. Talk to us as soon as you notice any leaks so we can repair them before the issue becomes more costly and inconvenient.
Water Tank

Water Tanks

Our professional plumbing and excavating team can install any size of rainwater tank and any brand of pump. Water tanks are a practical solution for ensuring you have stores of water when needed. And having one installed at your property can save you money.


Toilet issues can become urgent quickly. Whether your toilet is blocked, leaking around the base, continuously running or has lower than normal water levels, we can help. The problem could be a simple one to fix or something a little more serious, once we’ve determined the cause of the problem, we can carry out the repairs.
Man Repairing Pipes Using Wrench — Plumbing in Port Macquarie, NSW
We specialise in all things plumbing and excavation for commercial, industrial, rural and residential projects, regardless of size. No job is too complex or too simple. Please consider us whenever you need home, office, or facility plumbing services.

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Plumbing Licence 10626
Electrical (Res) Licence


What are some signs I have a blocked drain?
There are a few tell-tale signs of a blockage in your drainage system. For one, you may notice issues with backflow, such as an overflowing toilet or a sputtering shower drain. At early stages, water may just take a while to go down the drain—left untreated, this symptom will worsen. There may also be a foul odour coming from your sink or cistern. To reduce the chance of a blockage, avoid pouring fat or oil down the drain and do not flush toiletries other than toilet paper.
How do you locate a blockage?
How often should I have my plumbing inspected?